Khamis, 4 September 2008

Koha is not for Digital Library

Koha is a comprehensive system that will intelligently run your library - large or small, real or virtual.

Key features
- A full featured modern integrated library system (ILS).
- Award winning and open source no license fee, ever.
- Linux, Unix, Windows and MacOS platform.
- Web Based.
- Copy cataloguing and z39.50.
- MARC21 and UNIMARC for professional cataloguers.
- Tailored catalogue module for special libraries.
- Use as a document manager or digital library.
- Manage online and off line resources with the same tool.
- RSS feed of new acquisitions.
- E-mail and/or txt patron's overdues and other notices.
- Print your own barcodes.
- Serials management module.
- Full catalogue, circulation and acquisitions system for library stock management.
- Web based OPAC system (allows the public to search the catalogue in the library and at home).
- Simple, clear search interface for all users.
- Simple and comprehensive acquisition options.
- Koha is multi-tasking and enables updates of circulation, cataloguing and issues to occur simultaneously.


"Koha is not designed to be a digital library..." Joe Atzberger
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