Jumaat, 2 Januari 2009

Searching for a book in DLMS

Below is a guide I prepared for our library.

DLMS user guide

This guide contains:

  1. What is DLMS?

  2. What types of books available?

  3. How to search for a book?

What is DLMS?

DLMS is an integrated library system used to manage the library resources. This system is used by library to enter useful data and information of the resources so that the resources i.e. books, can be easily traced by the library users. In other word, for users, DLMS isused for searching for the books. Currently, our library has bothphysical and e-books. But the physical books are just for the staff.Students are only allowed to access to the e-books.

What types of e-books available?

At present, there are two types of e-books available for access. They are books in PDF format and HTML format. While searching for a book using DLMS, users might find one of the three types mentioned including the physical books. To know more about these two types of e-books, please read the following:

• E-book in HTML format

• E-book in PDF format

How to search for a book?

It is easy to search for a book using DLMS. To know how, please read the following:

• How to log in as a member

• How to search for a book

In case, you need assistant, please IM us at askdlibmediu [YM/MSN/Gtalk].

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